Benedict works as a Company Director and Lead Director in Short Films for Room 18 Films.
Room 18 Films is Sussex-Based Production Company, ambitiously specialising in Narrative-based video content such as short film, short form, documentary and music videos. Benedict Webb (Company Director) and Harry Walters (Creative Director) produce films for the company that are sent to film festivals across Europe. 
In addition, the company also offers narrative-based production services for any client, filmmaker and production company. The services range from anything like a pre-production package to a post-production package. Room 18 Films works with clients of a wide variety to realise film ideas, bring stories to life and show the best talent. The team is highly professional, multi-skilled, passionate, and forward-thinking  with experience in a variety of areas of film. 
The company would love to chat with you about bringing your ideas and vision to life. Find out more about why the services would be the right fit for you.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Soft (2018)

Writer, Director, Editor.

Next Week (2018)

Writer, Director.
Company of Four (2018)

Producer, Editor.
You Know Me (2018)

Director, Editor.
Instinct (2017)

Director, Editor.
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